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Saturday, September 25, 2010

hepy brthday..

today is ur brthday..sometimes i wish u call me using ur free call.. but yesterday..when i wish hepi brthday..and i wish that we can be a good fren..u said u wish to forget me..dont wan 2 noe me..and u ask me to pray for u so tht u can forget me n never thnk bout me.. am i to cruel? why put all the blame on me? i never meant 2 hurt u.. it juz mean 2 be.. why juz can't we start a new life.. i'll nvr forget u..i'll nvr hate u.. it juz not the same as b4.. i still care bout u but it's nt love.. why dnt u understnd?? am i make it hard 4 u?? if that wht u wish 4..then..gdluck! this is the last messge to u..and i'll nvr cntct u anymore.. that is my promise.. bye brthday boy..

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