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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mungkin Lebih Tenang..

today..i noe dat ur heart are not mine anymore.. i dun noe whther i feel good or not.. for a second, i fel hurt.. but then..i fel relief.. but still..i juz wanna noe whther u still thnk bout me, care bout me or not.. i juz wanna noe whether u do wht i do.. but then.. i think this is the end of our story and i shoudnt thnk bout u anymore since u'll be more hepi without me.. i hav some one else 2..but i dun noe whethr he is the right person or nt.. juz try my luck since he show his effrd.. b4 this i dnt really blve him..but when he said he is serious wif me without being ask..i stat to blve.. but in the same time..i oso tke precaution so dat i will not frust..huhu jodoh dan ketentuan ditgn thn..it is for us to make an effrd.. if really he is mine..why nt i give him a chnce..but if nt..maybe there will be someone better for me..n for him.. so..tabah kn dri sye..krne sye msh ade keluarge dan kwn2.. ^^

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