Terima Kasih Awak


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

=im juz saying=

people always say dat life is wonderful
but why i feel boring rite now more like feel nothing
bored in this wonderful life
may b my life isnt colorful enuf
do i need nippon paint to color it?
while i sit n watching things moving all around me
i feel empty deep inside my heart
while i moving around n every thing juz staying d same
i feel tired of moving n changing
what do i need rite now? i want some space
i want some air. are these all i need now?
or i want loud music. i want spotlights all over places.
i want crowded room. are these gonna make me feel ok?
i guess i perfectly noe what im looking for.
i juz want 2 b me. plz b wif me for what i am. love me unconditionally.
love me coz i nothing n unperfect. but im learn to improve i guess.
n i want everyone to stay d same too.
dont change. b urself. b ur own self.
coz i love d way u r (keep listening to diz song while typing diz entry lol)
n 1 more thing i REALY2 noe dat. i hv so MUCH time to kill.
dats why kinda hv time to mrepek for a while.
haha. what im typing here is juz some nonsense. so read for fun,
coz i noe dat u hv so MUCH time to kill too lorh. -???-
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