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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


here comes the new year again in just 2 days.

lets start afresh. by the end of 2011, i shall :

  • lose some kilos. or lose some flabs on my stomach yikes!! (huhu,, even bert skang ni x nek dlm sebuln ni la n x rse pon nk kurus sbb i pndek so i nk chubby skit....hehe) kire biarla bert cm ni jek, x yah la bertmbh lg......hehe
  • be healthier. jog more ( i doubt this is achievable ehehehe ) ni lg giler, selalu aq ckP jek nk p tp tibe mse cnfim mls....haha,,, aq x suke jogg la,,,semput...hehe
  • have a tidier room? (nk sentiase kems tnp habuk n wangiiiiiiiiii)
  • save more money and start to act like real accountant. **soooo, important!!! huh, telige sakit da...my mom alwez blame to me bcoz cant save my money...she said that dont over excited when hv money, just remember another person who p00r than us n cant even get food t0 survive...=(
  • improve my English. hak hak...(like now, i just using my broken eng **jawe+mexico+tamil+bla..bla..
  • start to talk to people on adults topic. like 'sekarang harga minyak brape'..
  • be stronger. physically and emotionally. really important.
okay thats it. i shall end this with a great huge teddy bear thank you.

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