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Friday, May 13, 2011

masalah mental

pningla mslh cintan cntun ni...x abes2...mmg ssh kn brcinte ni..mula2 sume blh,sume happy,sume sweet.lme2?hmm...sume org tau jwpnnye lah kn? wat to do wat to do???haiyyoo...dahla td g gunting rmbut buruk!tensionn222! hurm.. trust..?dats d MOST important thing in a r/shp.kalo xde trust then basically u dont have anything.tp CKET ragu2 pn pntg gk sbnrnye.u can NEVER trust sumone 100%.u'll just end up getting hurt.cz no one's perfect kn..so if u have ur hopes too high,DONT.trunkan ye..takot kcewa sgt naty.im jst saying.prepare for d worst.tp if all ends well,dat'll be awesome:) love..?yeah ofcourse its important.but w/out trust,xpyh la,,love alone is definitely NOT enough.u can force ur smile or pretend to b happy or act like evrything is perfectly fine.but inside?MISERABLE!huhu...sedihla.no matter how hard u try,,kdng2 xckup jugak..rmember,,its ALWAYS better to find sumone who loves u MORE than u love him!i know i have dat:) ego?actually ego is just something u use as self-dfense.syg,xnk ngaku.nk mntk maaf,x terkata.xmajok,wt2 majok.hehe.xde ego=psgn pjak kpale,tlebih ego=tpjak kpale sndri!xbgus2.its like u're signing ur own dvorce papers.ala2 making ur own death wish la kn.hehe. im sure im not d only one yg rse mcm ni..kn2?just korg nk ngaku ke x je..be true to urself.mmgla sume hbgn ade cbrnnye n mestila kte kne usaha n bkorban cket.so dont think im sayin dis cz inm gvin up.ni perluahan prasaan je.emo cket mlm2 ni.hehe.i'll try harder.kalo ade jodoh x kemana.pray for us:) eh2,korg prasan x,arini is Friday d 13th!haha..BEWARE!:p

4 Orang berkata:

NadiRah said... [Reply]

kenapa dgn 13th may??? nak tau2~

Anonymous said... [Reply]

leave your bf and be my gf..:)

~your secret admire

kAmi dAn mEreKa said... [Reply]

wah...mcm tu eh?haha

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Dari tngk diorang asyik bergaduh je..baik buat bf die tahu that mimie deserve more!!

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